Friday, October 14, 2005

Time Flies, Post To Make Up For Lost Time

(Photos from Immi's message board taken by Eva-Marieville Oct 12, 2005)

Hello Friends & Family ~

IT has been, indeed, a long while since I have posted. The tour has come & gone, and after a trip to the East Coast for work, I was getting settled back in the bay area. Then I found out that my grandmother passed away, and prepared for an unplanned and long drive (yes, drive) back to Wisconsin.

It really was a hard time, but it allowed me the chance to be with family again which at this point in my life is a privilege. It also allowed me to greatly reflect on where I am going in life and what I want most.I have lots of projects that I am working on both in writing, acting and even a little in music. I promise to keep you posted. Right now I am working on a novel about, well -- I cant give too much of it away, but let's say that it has to do with growing up in a small town and the pressures of life and leaving a small place to bigger things and the themes that are encompassed in that.

On top of that I am trying to decide if grad school is for me all while staying gainfully employed at my full-time gig. Sheesh!! Life can be busy sometimes, eh?Until then I wanted to share with you guys some music that you should check out.I went to see Imogen Heap in concert playing in part of the Hotel Cafe tour that spanned from coast to coast. Hotel Cafe, for those not in the know, is a small music venue started in Los Angeles and features some well-known artists like Damien Rice playing with lesser known artists like Cary Brothers, who are soon going to be gaining popularity.

Anyways, the concert was at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and it was nothing short of amazing. Intimate venue, yet enough fans to make it sound exciting. The show lasted, literally, about four hours and after each artist sang a rotating set of three to six songs, they would come to the sides of the stage and mingle and talk with the audience. The singer I was most excited to see was Imogen Heap, known from her Frou Frou fame and the song "Let Go" that was featured on the Garden State Soundtrack.

Her set was amazing and her new album is set to arrive in the United States on Nov. 1. She is from England and her accent is quite sexy, not to mention, in person she is a quite stunning woman. After a few photos and some signatures I left for home inspired and excited. (photo from Immi's message board, Taken by Eva M.)

So besides Imogen Heap, check out her stuff as well as;

Death Cab For Cutie - New album, Plans

Jeffrey Focualt - Fort Atkinson native now living in Cambridge will be touring the country this fall. (

No Kiss For New Year's - Good friend Nate Zuelzke's music project with former Menlo lead singer, Gregory Borden. Amazing dreamy space pop music. ( Say hello to Nate Z. and convince him to get another album done.

There are so many others but get out there and find them! And don't forget to say hello and drop me a line. Cheers!tayP


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