Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Book Tour Starts

Hello friends & family ~

It has been a busy last week getting prepared for my trip home, but now I am back and the book tour begins tomorrow.

My frist stop, interestingly enough, will be Franks County Market north of Elkhorn from 4-6pm. I am not quite sure where I will be inside, but come on in and find me and say hello.

I anxiously await this first event, because it will be a hopeful guage of how many people know about the book.

I may also be joined by a reporter from the Lake Geneva Regional News who is going to do a story about the book, which should be quite excting.

Next up on the tour is a stop at Deakin Isle in Elkhorn followed by Remember When in Delavan, both this coming Saturday.

I look forward to meeting old friends as well as new ones.


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