Friday, September 16, 2005

Tour Photos

I have a few photos to post from the trip back. These are of the signing at Remember When located in Delavan. A special hello to Mr. Bertrand, my seventh grade english teacher. He taught me all the grammar I know! More photos and updates to come. Thanks to everyone who made this trip back home a great time.

Friday, September 09, 2005

It's Been Awhile, Post Trip Update

Hello Everyone ~

With the past few weeks of action, I have been unable to post as frequently as I would have liked. In any event, the mini-book tour, as I liked to call it, has come to an end. And all in all, I feel it went quite well. I ran into so many people that I have not seen in years!

I even was met at one of the signing by Mr. Bertrand, the best and most hilarious seventh grade English teacher, and EAMS student could have. It sure was great to talk about years gone by and he even had the gradebook from our class so that after all these years, I could compare how my twin brother did verses me. Guess who won? Well you may ask how I didn't know the grades? Well, let's just say that sometimes his grade report never made it in the mailbox, something about the mail man making some sort of a mistake!

Anyways, the fair was great. I don't know why I am so drawn to an event outsiders may consider "hick." It seems like a reunion, a time to not worry about work, and to just meander amongst the things that make Elkhorn unique for a week. Of course, there is nothing like completing a day basking and walking around the sun for hours upon hours with a trip to the downtown Elkhorn pub crawl. Drinks there sure are nothing compared to my new location in California.

In any event, I am currently in New Jersey at the moment and in a few short hours I will be heading up to visit a good friend in Boston and Cambridge. It should be much fun, and I will be back in California my late next week.

Since this project has pretty much wound down, I will be sure to send all the photos of the trip and the events and any subsequent news that I may hear. Until then, Ill update with future projects and writings that I can focus on greater than in the past.

Id love to hear from y'all, so keep me updated on your life and I hope to hear from you soon, or see you soon; whichever comes first.